Locally manufactured sinceour inception

We've chosen to manufacture in France to revitalize the local industrial fabric, preserve our know-how and create jobs that can't be relocated. It's a choice of the heart! We wanted to work with partners who were close to us, so that we could grow alongside them.

For each product, we build a relationship of trust with an industrial partner in France and make a long-term investment in a unique manufacturing process. Manufacturing in France also means that we can deliver our products to you without having to travel long distances or flying.

Proud to make our Gobi bottles in France

Ile-de-France, cradleof the original bottle

Since the creation of Gobi, tens of thousands of original water bottles have rolled off the presses of our long-standing partner Microplast, in Périgny-sur-Yerres. 

It is thanks to his confidence that we were able to launch in 2010!

The original bottle is made from copolyester, a high-quality reusable plastic that holds up well to washing. It contains no BPA or BPS, and has the advantage of being transparent, odorless and resistant.

The choice of this material was made in conjunction with our Mu eco-design agency and a materials researcher, to incorporate a precautionary principle that goes beyond health regulations, all under the supervision of ADEME.

All our materials are tested and validated by independent laboratories, both on new materials and after ageing simulations.

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Gobi Original Factory

The bottle indoor, "Ain" number

The result of a collaboration with glassmaker Verallia, bottle indoor boasts the first bottle glass bottle made entirely in France . The bottle is blown and 60% of the material is recycled glass, all manufactured in Lagnieu, in the Ain region near Lyon.

" Considering its age, it's a site with a soul. Most of the people who work here are proud to do so. Glassmaking is a noble profession. For many of them, it's the third or fourth generation to be employed here," says plant manager Patrice Copin.

The hull of the bottle is manufactured at Standard Gum in Bourges, using a flexible biosourced plastic made from 40% sugar cane.

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La bottle street, Burgundian to the core!

The lightest of the range, the bottle street is manufactured at Frapak in Gron, Yonne. The factory uses a blow-molding technique to produce its rounded body.
Like its predecessor, the bottle original, it is made from copolyester, a high-quality reusable plastic.

Currently available in 50 cl, its 1L sister should soon join it.

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Gobi Cutlery, made in France

Gobi has joined forces with Verdier, a family cutlery manufacturer since 1859 located near Thiers, to create its cutlery kit. Verdier was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label for the excellence of its know-how!

Gobi cutlery is made of 82% recycled material of European origin. We do not use 100% recycled material simply to ensure that our material complies with health standards and is perfectly suited to its intended use (light and strong at the same time).

Their case is made from production offcuts from our original water bottles, in our historic factory. The circle is complete!

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Gobi cutlery factory

Unique personalization. Unique personalization.

Customized printed graphic

Each of our bottle products can be personalized with a card inside the body or on the cap. The cards are printed in France on PEFC-certified paper.
Card personalization is offered to the Pro. On the reverse side, users can enter their first name to recognize their bottle at a glance, and guarantee its adoption.

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Gobi, customizable water bottles with logo + first name

Your pad-printed message

Our products can be pad printed (optional) thanks to our partner, Polyprint, based in Seine-et-Marne.

This is a process that uses a silicone stamp that transfers ink from your logo onto the water bottle. This process makes it possible to print on a rounded shape with excellent quality and precision. The marking is dishwasher safe and will not deteriorate over time.

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Solid assembly. An assembly based on solidarity. An assembly based on solidarity. An assembly based on solidarity.

Assembly that supports inclusive employment

Once they leave the production sites, Gobi products are assembled by people with disabilities or people returning to work.  

Since 2014, we have been working in close collaboration with the Établissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail (ESAT)  in Mandres-les-Roses in the Val-de-Marne, 5 minutes from our historic factory. Meet Johana, our super coordinator who works directly with the ESAT!

In 2020, we also took over the team and warehouse of Ateliers Sans Frontières (ASF), which previously handled Veja's logistics. Ateliers Sans Frontières is an integration NGO of the ARES Group that helps vulnerable people find a job and a settled life.

We are convinced that a company can be both economically viable and have a positive environmental and social impact.

ESAT Gobi inclusive work