Welcome to Gobi lab!

Our exploration facility dedicated to eco-design.

What does eco-design mean? Inventing products and solutions that meet users' (=you) validated needs, with the smallest environmental impact and greatest social justice.

In other words, our mission is to find out how to do it right: more eco-friendly, more useful, more fun - all at the same time!

How do we do it? With you.
Through co-creation and experimentation, practically, but where it happens: in our daily lives, at home, at work, or on the street.

Our goal is to question your habits and actions in order to take action in line with what is important to you and to identify new needs.

The Gobi Lab's programme will include questionnaires to get you involved in our product and service developments and improvements, experiments and experience-sharing around the phasing out of single-use products, innovations in upcycling and initiatives to make the most of tap water.

We can't wait toshape the future with you!

4 ways to satisfy your water needs, making it better and more useful:

Co-creation ofour future products

Your opinions are invaluable in order to increase the number of eco-designed products made in France. Check out our questionnaires on the products we are currently co-creating!

Sharing my vision!
Eco-designed model of bottle Gobi

Zero-waste experiments

Gobi is a reliable partner for all your events! For the organisation of events, from festivals to tennis tournaments, at school, in railway stations or in offices: if you want to go further in the transition to reusable products, we are here to think with you, to mobilise our network and to offer you products and know-how.

Tell us about your challenges
bottle made in France at a festival

Valuation oftap water

Because there is no zero-waste without a great wave of love for tap water, Gobi is mobilising and joining forces with all those who share this love!

The aim is to make tap water accessible everywhere and as desirable as it deserves to be. 

See the initiatives
Washing a bottle Gobi made in France


Gobi goes full circle. After years without a solution to recover end-of-life products, things are moving forward!
We are participating in creating channels to upcycle our offcuts and production failures and Gobi at the end of its life. We are joining forces with all the stakeholders involved in this initiative in France.
Collection, qualitative recycling, production of small and medium batches of new products... to enrich our ideas and set up joint projects.

Let's talk about it!
Reuse of a bottle Gobi glass vase

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

The floor is yours!

  • Let's create together the ideal mug?

    As we like to include you in the creation of our products, it would help us a lot if you describe us the desk cup of your dreams: which shape? material? color? for which daily use?

    We count on you!
  • And you, how do you see your future lunchbox?

    Cutlery, a water bottle, all that's missing is a lunchbox in the Gobi pack so that your takeaway lunches are totally eco-designed and made in France.

    My response!
  • An XXL Gobi for hydration

    You've been asking for it for a long time, it's finally here! Today, we would like to consult you about the future large format of the Gobi.

    What capacity? Which material? Which design? Tell us everything!

    I give my opinion