The Gobi Story

Gobi was created in 2010, a long time ago when water bottles were not fashionable! Initially created by three partners to eliminate disposable bottles in offices, Gobi has become the first eco-design brand made in France .
Gobi is now run by its two co-founders, Florence Baitinger and Samuel Degrémont.

Les co-fondateurs de Gobi Florence Baitinger et Samuel Degrémont

They were perplexed and worried by the invasion of disposable plastic bottles and tumblers. They understand that this is a major problem and the challenge of changing habits is not an easy one.

Our mission at Gobi is to break new ground in how we drink water. The first reusable and customisable water bottle saw the light of day, the result of a passionate collaboration between a sociologist, eco-designers, a design studio, a material scientist in the healthcare sector and an industrial partner. Against all odds, the decision was made to manufacture entirely in France.

Plus qu’un produit, c’est un usage qui est inventé. Et toute une communauté appelée à grandir avec Gobi. Ils partent à l’assaut des bureaux, des grandes entreprises comme des sommets internationaux, jusqu’à produire l’intégralité des gourdes de la COP21. Pour boucler proprement la boucle, Gobi crée même une app qui permet de trouver des points d’eau partout : FreeTaps.

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In the mess of emergency messages and false good solutions, Gobi is forging a soothing yet always active personality. The driving force is the desire to invent desirable alternatives to existing products or services, those whose environmental impact is too heavy or which do not offer enough added value for society.

10 years ahead of everyone in the industry: the made-in-Europe choice

Choosing to work with factories, screen printers, printers... in France. This is the choice that Gobi made since its inception by creating its own manufacturing model. A relocation choice before its time required investing in industrial tools and gaining partners' trust.

Today, Gobi creates, directly and indirectly, more than 70 jobs, including 20 solidarity jobs at the ESAT de Rosebrie in Mandres-les-Roses. 

Made in France also means no long journeys. Compared to products manufactured far away, between 10 and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided! This is also a commitment.

... and the choice ofeco-design

Gobi is the only custom-made water bottle created in France by the design duo Cédric Ragot and Laurent Vermeglio, obsessed with beauty and details that make life easier.

It has been conceived in preventive eco-design with the Mu cooperative (environmental assessment and impact reduction), applying the precautionary principle (health guarantees beyond the regulations, tested and validated in independent laboratories).

This means that all manufacturing choices have been made taking into account the product's life cycle: from its manufacture through to your use, including the choice of materials. And this is true for every product in the product line!

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Ça fait plus de 13 ans que Gobi est lancé et ce n’est pas prêt de s’arrêter !

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