Your environmental impact


The impact of our water bottles

All our Gobi products are eco-designed and made in France.

We don't impose any particular specifications on the materials used.
Everyone has their preferences and their lifestyle. Everyone is entitled to a Gobi water bottle. It is up to you to choose from transparent, light, blue or green...

Our role is to give you all the information about the manufacturing and environmental performance of all our Gobi.
This way, you have all the information you need to make theright choice.



Made in France BPA-free plastic Lightweight 143g


Made in France (89100) BPA-free plastic Lightweight75g


Made in France (01150) Glass Medium  weight305g

Gobi.Stainless steel

Made in France (in progress →) Stainless steel Medium weight300g

At Gobi, we measure everything. So we know how many litres of water or how much CO2 emissions were generated to make your Gobi product. We also know how much pollution is generated by the use of disposable cups and bottles, so we can tell you how long it takes for the pollution you avoid to outweigh the pollution generated by the manufacturing process: that concrete moment when you make a positive impact and then it only gets bigger Read more →


Our collective impact

Since 2010, thousands of organisations and hundreds of thousands of users have been phasing out hundreds of thousands of disposable bottles and cups in their offices and everyday lives. 

Grow the movement with us!

KILOS of waste avoided

SINCE 2010