Hello, we are Gobi.

We create products that are good

for the planet and its inhabitants, you and us, those who make them and everyone else.

They are inspired by our daily lives and designed to be enjoyed for a long time, as environmentally friendly and above all as pleasant as possible.

They are also beautiful, designed so that you will quickly be drawn to them due to their usability. Because it's not our products that change the world, it's what you do with them! 

. We are convinced that environmental protection must be concrete and measurable. That's why we measure our success in terms of a positive environmental, economic and social impact across the board. 

We want Gobi to be an invitation to progress, one that you accept with pleasure and pride. Injunctions, superficialities, approximations - none of that here. Less talk and more action, in short.

Gobi is a movement that we will grow together. Our ambition is to share beautiful and smart ideas with you. It works together like you and your Gobi.

Gobi. #FillGood

We are Gobi

The Gobi adventure in pictures

Florence, president and co-founder of Gobi, tells you in 1'30 why Gobi products are positive all round.


create products with a designer rather than sourcing existing products and putting our own brand on them. We don't do what everyone else does, we do what everyone else does.

we don't think in terms of product, but in terms of use, to provide an ergonomic and practical response to specific needs.

Preventive eco-design:
scrupulously analyzes all possible and imaginable ecological impacts in order to reduce them, until the product is beyond reproach, before it goes into production. This may mean, for example, slightly reducing the height of a Gobi to optimally fill the cartons. We work daily with the Mu eco-design agency.

Precautionary principle:
think about all potential health risks, blacklist them and carry out migration tests again and again to choose absolutely reliable materials.

Made in France:
choose to work with factories, screen printers, printers... in France. In 10 years, we have created, directly and indirectly, more than 50 jobs, including 20 solidarity jobs. Made in France also means zero air travel, zero long-distance travel. Between 10 and 20% of greenhouse gas emissions avoided compared to products manufactured far away...

Assembly in ESAT:
entrusting the final stage of production to people with disabilities to promote their social and professional integration. Gobi is a state-approved ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale).

Gobi brand commitments


Gobi is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of its sales to associations working to protect the environment.

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