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The Gobi cord is designed to fit all our water bottles (thanks to a simple lark's head knot). Like a Brazilian bracelet, it's easy to lengthen and shorten. With your bottle slung over your shoulder, you'll never be thirsty again! Very practical for hikes, trade shows and all those times when you need to hydrate more than usual.

Made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles, the Gobi cord closes the loop. Unadorned, sober and effective.

100% made in France and shipped from our solidarity workshops, this is a committed product designed to encourage you to stay hydrated ;)

Made in France

Our cords are 100% French. The textile part is made in Vertolaye (63) and the finishing iron is made in La Grand Croix (42). If you choose the bottle Gobi and cord duo, it will be mounted directly on your bottle by our solidarity workshop (94). All delivered with zero air travel and zero long-distance journeys.


The cord is made from polyester, 100% mechanically recycled from PET plastic bottles. The fibers are Global Recycle Standard certified. Easy to clean with soap and water, or in the washing machine at 30°C.

The ferret is made of nickel-plated steel, making it rustproof. Its sliding knot system to adjust its size avoids the need for a metal clamping bar, which would increase its ecological impact.


Compatible with bottle Gobi street, street 1L, indoor, original.

- Cord diameter: 7 mm

- Length: 1.80m

- Circumference: 1.50 m

- Weight : 25 gr


Livraison en 5 jours ouvrés, offerte à partir de 60€ en France métropolitaine

You'll love it:

  • If you're into the trend: that means taking care of yourself, moisturizing and strutting your stuff at bottle !
  • If you're a nomad, if you travel everywhere, if you're alwaysvisiting people... in short, you can't stay put.
  • If you always have your bottle with you but can never find it at the bottom of your bag.
  • If you're a pro and want to equip your staff for a trade show, for example.
  • Feel like swapping your shoulder phone for your fuel for the day? #water

This Gobi product won't change the world. You will!

Gobi is 13 years' experience in providing concrete solutions to our society's environmental problems. It's about reinventing our daily lives with new routines that do good for the planet and its inhabitants. It's about bringing #fillgood to our lives and hydration to our brains.

A formula that's neither magic nor secret:

Gobi =
Preventive eco-design
Precautionary principle
Made in France
Assembly in ESAT

Gobi is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of your orders to environmental associations.

customised Gobi product

A unique water bottle. To make your table neighbours jealous and not confuse it during your gym class. It's up to you to customise it so you'll want to use it every day:

because the only fully virtuous water bottle is the one that doesn't end up in a cupboard!

In just one year, you will eliminate 5 kilos of disposable plastic and save 15 kilos of CO². Join the #TeamGobi movement

Accompany yourGobi. Gobi cord

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