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Gobi Lab is a community that is thirsty for virtuous innovations!

Please participate in our questionnaires to be associated with our developments and increase the range of eco-designed products made in France.

Questionnaire °3theinsulated cover

You asked us how to keep your Gobi warm or cold?
So let's get to work and create your new must-have accessory!

What's the point? To keep your drinks fresh all day long!

Shape, colour, size, tell us what would make you happy.

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Questionnaire °4Theideal cup

Mini or maxi cup? Small or large handle? For your coffee or your tea? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves to find you the ideal office mug.

The goal: a reusable mug that reflects your personality.

So you tell us everything?

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Votre tasse idéale au bureau