Wateris life!

Billions of disposable cups and bottles are thrown away wherever people drink water. This does not do the planet or its inhabitants any good. With this in mind, Gobi decided to invent a new use for its eco-designed water bottles, made in France.

This positive experience is only possible thanks to tap water. Free, available everywhere, does not need to be transported or packaged, it is the true star that fills our water bottles every day. It is Gobi's faithful friend.

From then on, water protection and its valorisation have been at the heart of our mission.

Promoting the "Refill" movement

Although tap water is everywhere, it becomes harder to find as soon as we leave home: yet it is so accessible! To bring it back into focus, in 2011, we developed a mobile application in collaboration with four students from Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Bordeaux Enseirb-Matmeca.

This free application called @FreeTaps indicates the location of public drinking fountains to encourage the consumption of tap water. Simply geolocate yourself to find water points near you and refill your water bottle at will.
The ideal solution for avoiding plastic bottles and staying hydrated, even when on the move! 

Download Freetaps
Freetaps application - drink drinking water with a bottle anywhere

Fighting againstdisposablecontainers

With the NGO Surfrider Foundation and the public water company Eau de Paris, we co-founded the Action Tank "Paris de l'eau zéro déchet plastique" . It brings together dozens of private and public actors who pool their experiences and devise concrete experiments to reduce disposable waste in Paris. 

This mobilisation has already led to the commitment of nearly 20,000 signatories to reduce their plastic waste by opting for tap water in particular. This is also what it means to take concrete action on the field.

White Paper:
Objective Zero Disposable Bottles
Je choisis l'eau de Paris poster - promoting the use of bottle in Paris