What does "Gobi" stand for? Why did you choose this name?

We chose this name to take you on a journey from the Gobi desert to the corals that Goby fish love. And then, we wanted to propose an alternative to disposable "cups":  reusable Gobi water bottles!

Where are Gobi products made and assembled?

All Gobi products are made in France! They are assembled at the ESAT de Rosebrie in Mandres-les-Roses, a work integration workshop for people with disabilities. We have been working with the same ESAT since 2014. 

La gourde original : fabrication à Périgny-sur-Yerres

La gourde street : fabrication à Gron (corps), Périgny-sur-Yerres (bouchon)

La gourde indoor : fabrication à Lagnieu (corps), Périgny-sur-Yerres (bouchon) et Bourges (coque)

• Les couverts street : fabrication à Thiers (couverts) et Périgny-sur-Yerres (étui)

• Le gobelet original : fabrication à Périgny-sur-Yerres (gobelet) et Bourges (coque)

What makes Gobi an eco-designed product?

Gobi water bottles are the only water bottles entirely made in France. They are also the only completely eco-designed water bottles with a strict application of the precautionary principle in the choice of materials.

This means that all our manufacturing process have systematically taken into account environmental performance and health safety.

The preventive eco-design work lasted 9 months and was carried out by the eco-design firm, Mu , with the help of a materials scientist. The entire design of the Gobi, in terms of environmental performance and health safety, was supervised byAdeme(French Environment and Energy Management Agency). Health tests were carried out by the accredited Intertek laboratory on new materials and thereafter, aging simulations were carried out on them based on the specifications of our most demanding customers, such as L'Oréal and Elior. 

Pour en savoir plus, retrouvez ici notre article sur l'éco-conception.

How long does a Gobi product last?

Gobi products can be used as long as they are well maintained! Even after several years of use, the material does not erode into water.

Did you know? The environmental impacts of manufacturing are compensated after one month of use for Gobi Street, three months for the Gobi Indoor, and five months for the Gobi Original.

Are Gobi products recyclable?

Copolyester, the material we chose for the Gobi, is 100% recyclable. To date, the Copolyester material recovery process is being structured in France. We recycle the Gobi at the factory into new products, notably pencil cups and now the cases for our cutlery kits.


We can organize the collection of used Gobi products from our customers with a specialised recycling partner.

Why is the Gobi Original made of plastic?

We did not start with the choice of material but with the needs that we wanted to meet:

- A durable AND lightweight water bottle.
- An easy-to-adopt water bottle with a "hands-free" cap that can be easily opened.
- A transparent bottle, for 100% confidence and maximum customization

And of course, all with strong commitments:

- Material safety and inertness with 0% migration of particles into water
- Minimal environmental impact of production 
- 100% French manufacturing and assembly

The results led us to use Copolyester, a high-quality reusable plastic without Bisphenol A or Bisphenol S.


The base (coloured part of our Gobi water bottle) is made of elastomer for its flexibility.

What is material category 7?

Category 7 is called "Other" and includes hundreds of materials that are not included in the other six groups. It has no environmental performance or safety relevance.

Gobi products do not contain Bisphenol A, Bisphenol B or Bisphenol S. There is no transfer of the material to water and no endocrine activity.
The material is inert. Its properties have been tested in independent laboratories, on new material, and after ageing.

These tests are repeated every 2 years according to the recommendations and specifications of European and American health authorities.

Why are Gobi products not made of stainless steel?

We choose our materials based on what will be the most suitable for use and with the lowest environmental impact. For our first Gobi water bottles, which were totally designed for the office, stainless steel did not meet the needs that were expressed to us:

- Need for transparency to always be certain of cleanliness
- Need to be able to customise individually for hygiene and confidence.

Nor did it correspond to our commitments:

• Volonté de proposer une gourde "de débutant" avec des impacts de fabrication très faibles car la distribution en entreprise ne garantit pas une utilisation de très long terme. Pour que la gourde en inox soit intéressante sur le plan environnemental, il faut être sûr de l’utiliser au moins 5 ans et nous ne sentions pas le marché assez mûr pour cela.
• Volonté de fabriquer en France pour créer de la valeur économique en local.

Pour élargir notre gamme et répondre à de nouveaux besoins, nous avons lancé en 2020 le Gobi Indoor en verre, designé et fabriqué par nos équipes en partenariat avec le verrier français Verallia.
Pour le reste, nous restons à l'écoute du marché et des opportunités ;)

Alors quel Gobi adopter ? Chacun doit choisir sa gourde selon son style de vie et ses préférences, celle dans lequel il aura le plus confiance et qui ira le mieux dans son quotidien. C’est pourquoi nous souhaitons proposer tous les matériaux en Made in France : car la seule gourde pleinement vertueuse sur le plan environnemental est celle qui est utilisée, quotidiennement et longtemps !

Le saviez-vous ? Nous proposons déjà des couverts en inox fabriqués en France.

Do you offer a glass Gobi water bottle?

Yes, to complete our product line, we have developed a glass water bottle in partnership with Verallia, the largest French glass manufacturer. Gobi Indoor is ideal for those who prefer to drink from a glass while having a reusable, portable and practical bottle.

Did you know? The Gobi Indoor cap is compatible with the Gobi Street cap. So you can choose between a glass body and a Copolyester body depending on the time of day :)

Pourquoi avoir choisi de faire des gourdes de 50 cl ?

La contenance de 50 cl est une contenance idéale pour garder un poids léger et avoir une gourde facile à transporter partout.

Cela permet aussi de la recharger facilement aux fontaines et au robinet.

How is the price of a Gobi product calculated?

Our products are sold at the best price, it covers: 

- creative work with a designer and eco-designers because we do not source "ready-made" models, we create everything from scratch
- French manufacturing (6 production sites all over France - equivalent to 50 full-time jobs created)
- assembly by our beautiful team at the ESAT in Rosebrie and all the care taken by our teams to make it a great experience
- donating to 1% for the planet(1% of our revenue donated to Surfrider in 2019)

Our  water bottles are sold at the same price regardless of the material they are made of (Copolyester, glass, etc.), so that everyone can find the right water bottle without any questions asked. Because we must not forget that the only useful water bottle is the one we use every day!

Do you only make water bottles?

No, we are expanding our product line to cover all needs. Our mission is to offer alternatives to disposable products and to help organisations make the switch to reusable products. To this end, we already offer stainless steel cutlery, ideal for zero waste in the office, and a hot beverage cup , still made in France .

We are also working on a stainless steel water bottle, and our priority is to ensure that it is manufactured in France in an environmentally friendly manner.


How to maintain your Gobi product?

We recommend the following:

- wash your Gobi water bottle before first use

- rinse your Gobi water bottle with a bit of water before using it if you did not use it the day before
- wash your Gobi water bottle once a week, either in the dishwasher or with a few drops of washing-up liquid by hand or with a brush.
- leave your Gobi water bottle open when you are not using it

Did you know? To leave your Gobi water bottle open without leaving the cap lying around, you can push the handle inside the neck. Practical, isn't it?

How to leave my Gobi water bottle open easily?

The design of our Gobi water bottle has been entirely thought out for its users. Thanks to the handle of its cap, you can carry it easily, even with your hands full. But that's not its only use!

When you are not using your Gobi, we recommend leaving it open. To do this, simply turn your cap upside down and push its handle into the neck of your bottle.

Can my Gobi water bottle hold hot water? Is it isothermal?

Our Gobi water bottles are very hot water-resistant and dishwasher safe. There is, therefore, no risk of putting hot liquids in them, except for altering their beautiful transparency with tea or coffee.

When in the office or at home, it is different from hiking: 50 cl can be drunk quickly and does not need to be kept at a particular temperature.
If needed, the neck allows putting a few ice cubes in summer :)

Can my Gobi water bottle contain fruit slices or syrup?

You can safely slip slices of lemon, mint leaves or pieces of fruit into your Gobi water bottle or use it with syrup or fruit juice. We simply recommend washing it in the evening to remove any residue.

Can a Gobi water bottle be put in the fridge or freezer?

Oui pour le Gobi Street et le Gobi Original : ils ne craignent pas les différences de température et adorent l’eau bien fraîche.

Attention cependant à ne pas le remplir à ras bord pour laisser de la place pour la dilatation de l’eau. Il faut par contre éviter les chocs de température avec le Gobi Indoor, en verre : il n'y a aucun soucis à le mettre au frais mais évitez le lave-vaisselle juste après. ;)

How can I customize my Gobi water bottle and quickly identify it?

The coloured part of your Gobi Original (it's base) is removable. You can then access the customized printed graphic inside and write your name on it. There's nothing stopping you from creating your design and showing off your artistic talents to the world! For the Gobi Indoor and Gobi Street, customization is done on the cap, and the printed graphic is round.

You can also stick stickers on your Gobi water bottle, add a lucky charm, a carabiner, or a lanyard to its handle... It's up to you to create your ideal Gobi water bottle for you every day!

Can I print a card to put inside my Gobi water bottle?

Bien sûr ! Les tags (socles de couleur du Gobi) et les pastilles (sur le bouchon) sont amovibles. Vous pouvez donc retirer la carte rectangulaire ou ronde, pour la remplacer par un design conçu et imprimé par vos soins.

La dimension d’une carte est de 120 px * 245 px. Nous vous recommandons de l’imprimer sur du papier entre 250 ou 350 gr/m² pour que la carte soit assez solide. 

Pour le Gobi Indoor et le Gobi Street, la carte se situe sur le bouchon et son diamètre est de 4 cm. Un coup de compas et vous serez prêt à créer votre propre carte !

My Gobi water bottle is dirty, what should I do?

Après des mois ou des années d’utilisation, votre Gobi peut accumuler quelques résidus qui obscurcissent sa transparence. C’est alors temps de lui offrir un nettoyage complet : un peu de vinaigre blanc pendant une nuit et un coup de goupillon et votre Gobi sera comme neuf !

My Gobi water bottle is leaking, what should I do?

No need to panic! Contact us via our dedicated after-sales contact form and we will quickly provide you with a suitable solution.

Can I put my Gobi water bottle in the microwave?

We do not recommend putting your Gobi water bottle in the microwave. They are very resistant to hot liquids, so heat your milk, water, tea or coffee by other means and pour it into your Gobi water bottle! Be careful not to burn yourself and enjoy. :)


When should I order my Gobi water bottle?

Gobi is the ideal solution to help organisations cope with the ban on disposable tableware from 1 January 2020. It is a perfect gift both internally and externally for :

- Supporting its CSR policy with a quantified environmental impact


- Mark Sustainable Development Weekand illustrate your commitments

- Celebrate a move to new your premises

-Welcome new employees with a "zero-waste" Welcome Pack

-Offer an eco-friendly gift to customers (end of year gift, goodies at a trade fair, etc.)

- Enhance internal or external events: congress, corporate seminar, new product launch, etc

Can we customise our Gobi water bottles in our brand colours?

Oui ! Vous pouvez personnaliser la carte à l’intérieur de vos Gobi avec votre logo ou le design de votre choix (gratuit si design unique pour toute la commande). Vous pouvez garder l’un des côtés libre pour que vos salariés puissent inscrire leur nom et s’approprient leur Gobi.
Vous trouverez ici de nombreux exemples de personnalisation.

La surface de personnalisation est de 120 px * 245 px pour les cartes rectangulaires ou 3,7 cm de diamètre pour les cartes rondes (Gobi Indoor et Gobi Street). 

We will send you a free proof Ready to Print for you to approve.

You can also screen-print your Gobi water bottle (on request).

Can we choose the colour of the base of our Gobi water bottle?

Of course! You can even choose to order several colours in equal or different quantities: the price does not change.

We are a small business, an organisation, and a school. Can we order Gobi products?

Yes, yes, and yes! There is no minimum order. Each Gobi product has a real social and environmental impact, so all requests count.

Don't hesitate to contact us via this form.

Is there a minimum order?

No, all orders count!

If you want to order less than 100 Gobi water bottles, we recommend our Sets on our online store. You can choose your quantity according to your needs. You will be asked to choose the colours when you place your order. You can also choose to personalise the printed graphics inside your Gobi water bottles.

For a larger quantity, please contact us by filling in this form.

How are Gobi products delivered?

Our preferred delivery providers are UPS and Colissimo. We can use other companies depending on your needs. We deliver anywhere in France and Europe.

Packaging Gobi Original water bottle
Sets of 80 Gobi Original water bottles, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm, weight 9 kg
Pallet of 1 120 Gobi Original water bottles = 12 sets of 80 + 4 sets of 40, dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm x 160 cm, weight 240 kg

Packaging Gobi Mini Water Bottles

Sets of 80 Gobi Mini, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm, weight 9 kg
Pallet of 1,120 Gobi Original = 12 boxes of 80 + 4 boxes of 40, dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm x 160 cm, weight 240 kg

Packaging Gobi Street
Sets of 80 Gobi Street, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm, weight 9 kg
Pallet of 1,120 Gobi Street = 12 boxes of 80 + 4 boxes of 40, dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm x 160 cm, weight 240 kg

Packaging Gobi Indoor

Sets of 35 Gobi Indoor water bottles, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm, weight 12kg
Pallet of 840 Gobi Indoor water bottles = 24 setsof 35, dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm x 150 cm weight 390 kg

Packaging Gobi cutlery

Sets of 60 Gobi Cutlery, dimensions 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm, weight 9 kg
Pallet of 2,400 Gobi Cutlery = 40 set of 60, dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm x 160 cm, weight 360 kg

Packaging Gobi Tumblers
Sets of 140 Gobi Cups, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm, weight 14 kg 

Pallet of 1960 Gobi tumblers = 12 packages of 140 units, dimensions 60 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm and 4 packages of 60 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm, weight 216 kg

Did you know? The size of our Gobi products was anticipated at the eco-design stageto reduce transport costs to the bare minimum and fill the cartons as much as possible, without wasting space.

How long does it take to receive a Gobi order?

** Due to the current situation, our deadlines may be extended. Contact us at for more information**.


Thanks to our French manufacturing, we are able to deliver your Gobi Original water bottles (for quantities less than 1000):

- with standard printed graphics: within 5 business days

- with personalised cards: within 10 working days

- with screen printing: within 20 business days

If you have an urgent event, contact us: our products are entirely made in France so we can be (even) more reactive!

Please note: these deadlines are longer during festive periods, so remember to contact us in advance to reserve your Gobi product.

How to recycle Gobi products?

We organise collections of discarded Gobi products for our corporate clients to make our products part of a circular approach.

Did you know? We are in the process of setting up our own recycling system, and we need your old Gobi products to perfect it. So remember to put aside abandoned or broken bottles; they still matter to us!

How can I communicate about the arrival of the Gobi in my company?

We provide all our clients with a communication kit consisting of posters, videos and digital visuals to share on internal social media platforms or newsletters to all future users. Communication is an essential aspect of ensuring the adoption of reusable products. However, our relationship does not end with the order; that's where it begins!

Therefore, each Gobi item is accompanied by a recyclable paper card that explains the Gobi approach to the end-user and how to maintain it.

Did you know? We have created a catalogue of workshops offered by selected partners who can help you make the arrival of your Gobi product an event. Contact us to find out more ;)

What happens if a member of staff breaks their Gobi water bottle?

No need to panic! Contact us via our dedicated after-sales contact form or by sending an email to your Gobi contact and we will quickly propose a suitable solution.