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Reducing your carbon footprint, embodying your employer brand, taking care of your employees - we'll support you from A to Z to make your switchover a success.

With Gobi, you can transform your employees' habits with the most sober solution on the market.

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Gobilab, a bottle super-customizable with first name

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Gobi's reusable essentials:

Our products are entirely made in France.

Choosing Gobi means working with French factories, pad printers and printers. All in all, more than 70 direct and indirect jobs are created, some 30 of which are included. 

Our range is eco-designed: manufacturing choices have been made with environmental performance in mind.

With Gobi, you're sure to have a concrete, positive and measurable impact. For example, an original bottle saves 3 kg of waste and 7 kg of CO² per year per employee.

We offer you a health guarantee that goes beyond regulations, with a strict application of the precautionary principle.

Our products are tested and validated in independent laboratories and are certified BPA and BPS free.

1% of your order is donated to environmental associations to go even further and protect our beautiful planet!

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Gobi, customizable water bottles for companies

Happy customersNPS2022: 9.33/10

As part of our Stop Single-Use Plastic project at HIVE, our head office, we wanted to offer our employees an eco-designed solution that met our core values and was more than just a goodie. The Gobi water bottle totally met our expectations and even went beyond them by meeting 6 of the 17 SDGs proposed by the UN. The sales team, and more particularly Caroline Talman & Kiara Vigo, accompanied us right up to the distribution Gobi water bottles to our employees during the SD week.

We worked on personalising a water bottle to fit in with our graphic universe and the result is totally up to scratch.
The personalised Gobi water bottle, with a silk-screen print of our emblem on the front and a specific printed graphic on the inside, appeals both internally and externally. It falls in line with our transition to the use of water dispensers and the phasing out of single-use plastic cups in our institution.

Replacement of plastic cups in water dispensers with water bottles. Fast, efficient and very good business relations. Finally, it's Made in France :)
No more plastic cups for water dispensers at any of our sites. Raising employee awareness of the need for more sustainable consumption habits.

Together with Kiara Vigo and Laure Flores, we designed our Gobi Indoor in the UPSA colours for more than 1,500 employees!

Distributed during the European Week for Waste Reduction, they contributed to making this responsible event a great success! Many thanks to them and to Gobi for this French eco-design which is good for our UPSA employees and for our planet!

We wanted to offer our students eco-friendly water bottles to avoid disposable plastic and goodies produced on the other side of the planet.
Gobi water bottle met our quality, respect for the environment and short supply chain criteria. 

We are committed to an eco-responsible approach, with the aim of obtaining ISO 14001 certification, for which we have indeed been recommended.

The presentation and distribution of eco-designed water bottles to our teams were in line with this approach and our desire to act together for sustainable development.
The water bottles have reinforced everyone's awareness and the need to participate in the preservation of our environment, at all levels.

We were looking for a product made in France, respectful of the environment, with a nice look and affordable prices. We found it!
All our criteria were met and the icing on the cake, the product is customizable which was a plus because we gifted these water bottles for the new year to our employees.

Design for everyday business life

Better than the disposable cup that spills in meetings, or the bottle that's hard to carry when you've got your arms full: all our products are designed to optimize everyday business life. Special mention for the leak-proof cap with its "hands-free" handle, and the new glass lunch box!

Eco-responsible and customizable water bottles, lunch boxes and cutlery - Gobilab

Our 3 customization systems: a Gobi exclusive!

It is essential to combine branding to increase the feeling of belonging to your company, and individual personalization so that each employee can appropriate and recognize his or her bottle.
Choice of colors, pad printing, personalized card printing... everything is possible at Gobi, the idea being that our products are fully adopted!

Our teams will be able to guide you to create the Gobi that suits you!

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Gobi, customizable water bottles with logo + first name

We can't wait to make an impact with you! We can't wait to make an impact with you!