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Offering a bottle street means leaving a souvenir without leaving an environmental footprint. It's a gift of well-being that you can be sure is made entirely in France, using carefully selected materials. It's a design gift that will last a long time, and that you can make unique by choosing its color and the little word you slip on its cap. 


Delivery time :

- 5 working days with standard card

- 10 business days after ready-to-print confirmation for personalised printed graphics


Tarif dégressif à partir de 100 Gobi : contactez-nous. 


Made in France

The bottle street is 100% French: it was designed by Cédric Ragot and Laurent Vermeglio in Paris. Its cap is made in Périgny-sur-Yerres and its body in Yonne. Then it's assembled at the ESAT de Rosebrie in Val-de-Marne (Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail) by a magnificent, attentive team. Delivered with zero air travel and zero long-distance journeys.


bottle street is eco-designed, meaning that its manufacturing choices take into account environmental impact and health safety.

- Guaranteed free from bisphenols (BPA/BPS), phthalates and toxins

- Manufacturing impact offset in 2 months of use

- Body: copolyester - a recyclable plastic chosen for its health and environmental qualities

- Stopper: formi - a bio-composite filled with wood fibres, which gives unique material effects to each stopper.

- Card: PEFC® paper made from wood fibers sourced from sustainable forest management


bottle street will never leave your teams:

- Capacity : 50 cl

- Bottle size: 20 x 7.5 cm

- Sticker size: 3.7 cm diameter

- Weight: 75 g, a seasonal tomato only!

- Can hold cold and hot liquids (up to 65°)

- Hand wash or dishwasher safe

- Screw thread cap

Livraison en 5 jours ouvrés, offerte à partir de 60€ en France métropolitaine

You'll love it:

  • For your seminars, festivals, and corporate events.
  • To offer an eco-designed water bottle made entirely in France.
  • You can take it everywhere: from your office to your seat on the train.
  • Because you like simple, uncluttered and above all very light things (only 75g!)
  • If you leave your bottle lying around at the bottom of the bag, I promise it will stay put!
  • Yes, it can be washed in the dishwasher in a split second.
  • To be sure to impress with a product that is as beautiful as it is useful and environmentally friendly.

This Gobi product won't change the world. You will!

Gobi is 13 years' experience in providing concrete solutions to our society's environmental problems. It's about reinventing our daily lives with new routines that do good for the planet and its inhabitants. It's about bringing #fillgood to our lives and hydration to our brains.

A formula that's neither magic nor secret:

Gobi =
Preventive eco-design
Precautionary principle
Made in France
Assembly in ESAT

Gobi is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of your orders to environmental associations.

customised Gobi product

A unique water bottle. To make your table neighbours jealous and not confuse it during your gym class. It's up to you to customise it so you'll want to use it every day:

because the only fully virtuous water bottle is the one that doesn't end up in a cupboard!

In just one year, you will eliminate 5 kilos of disposable plastic and save 15 kilos of CO². Join the #TeamGobi movement

Accompany yourGobi. street gourds

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