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This bottle isotherme inox made in France does not exist. 

These models are produced exclusively in Asia (see the made in France tab).


Today, we've chosen not to create bottle isotherm because we're convinced that in our daily lives at work or at home, we don't need an energy- and resource-hungry bottle . What we do need is a well-made bottle that's good for us and good for the planet, and that we'll enjoy using.

Made in France

The manufacture of a bottle stainless steel isotherm cannot be made in France or made in Europe, because the industrial tool does not exist.


The complex logistics chain involved - tube rolling, welding, cutting, hydroforming, neck forming, painting, electrolysis, stamping, polishing, etc. - prevents its installation, as the cost price of this product would make it economically unaffordable. As a result, 100% of isothermal stainless steel water bottles are now manufactured in Asia, where regulations on working conditions and the environment are not very stringent.


If you see the opposite mentioned elsewhere, we invite you to scratch the surface: is it really produced in France? And not just designed, thought out or decorated in France? Is it really isothermal? To be explored 😉


Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and chromium. The environmental impact of its manufacture is significant , as it is linked to :


- the depletion of mineral and metal resources linked to the extraction of raw materials (isothermics come from a double-walled system that requires more material)

- the transformation of ore into stainless steel: greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of energy resources, as this is often done in China with a highly carbon-intensive energy mix


Stainless steel isothermal water bottles are best used when you really need them, on a building site or outdoors, for example.


- Advantages: unbreakable, does not alter the taste of the water, keeps hot and cold.

- Disadvantages: weight (one bottle 50 cl = 300 gr), marking/personalization spoils in the dishwasher, opaque, difficult to visually check cleanliness.

Livraison en 5 jours ouvrés, offerte à partir de 60€ en France métropolitaine

You'll love it:

  • If you appreciate quality made in China
  • If you need to keep your office water ice-cold for 3 days
  • If your passion is going to the garbage tip: perfect for recycling at the end of its life.
  • If you're sure you'll be using your bottle for years and years to come (without losing it)
  • If you like the fact that your objects fly more than you do
  • Of course, this list is gently biting, but it awakens the spirits ;)

This Gobi product won't change the world. You will!

Gobi is 13 years' experience in providing concrete solutions to our society's environmental problems. It's about reinventing our daily lives with new routines that do good for the planet and its inhabitants. It's about bringing #fillgood to our lives and hydration to our brains.

A formula that's neither magic nor secret:

Gobi =
Preventive eco-design
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Made in France
Assembly in ESAT

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